*Pass It On strives to improve overall health, happiness, and financial situations of families through the cooperation of the community and education of financial savings.*

We help organizations, churches, and businesses guide and support families on a road to financial freedom.

Financial freedom provides a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, more PRODUCTIVE life!

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A Facebook Group Member writes to us....

"I just want to say thank you ladies for all you've done for me, but mostly for my family by teaching me how to save money & doing it the right way. In doing this we can apply the money saved to other necessities. We can also now help others in need as it was a struggle before although we did it anyway. The support & love for humanity that you ladies have does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I just wanted to say thank you from my heart & family & may God bless you abundantly. I will take what I've learned & with great compassion, pay it forward so that I may be able to help another family in a way that will make life a little easier & less stressful." ~Lisa

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Pass It On