Donate to Pass It On

Ways you can Donate

Thank you for your interest in donating to our cause! The links at the bottom of the page will give details on specific donations.

Pass It On is dedicated to helping families in ways that are unique to other charities. Our top priority is to support and guide families on a journey to making changes to their financial situation no matter what income level or size family unit. You will find that there are a number of benefits to being a donor to Pass It On. Each type of donation offers a different reward to you.

We accept a number of types of donations, including the following:


We are able to supply a family of 4, with $80-$100 worth of product for only $5! That's 1 full month of household supplies for ONLY a $5 donation!!!

  • $10 = 2 families for 1 month
  • $25 = 5 families for 1 month
  • $50 = 10 families for 1 month
  • $100 = 20 families for 1 month

Item Donations

We accept donations of items that can be used within the corporation to help in the instruction of our education courses and that can be given to families through our Programs.


One of the unique qualities about Pass It On, Inc. is the use of coupons and rewards to reduce the cost to our donors to help families in need. With this, we are in need of coupons to help purchase items.

*Please note: coupons are time sensitive material, so please follow our coupon donation instructions carefully.


We also have other unique ways to help donate to help our non-profit that require minimal effort but make a huge contribution to our success in helping others. Some offer benefits to you, as well. Donate through the use of:

  • Store Reward Card Links
  • Printing Coupons