About Us

Our Background

Pass It On's goal is to give individuals the knowledge, resources, guidance, and support required to make any income stretch to afford regular necessities. We understand that some families struggle to afford both regular household bills and providing food, toiletries, and more. To some, it is a monthly decision between keeping utilities on or food, which can also develop feelings such as loneliness,failure,and sadness and can often expand into a deep depression.

Our President and Founder, Kimberly Boyd, is an Education Professional with a M.A degree and has background experience in curriculum writing. With her expertise, she has studied advanced methods of finances and couponology, and used her background to develop a curriculum to help teach adults these methods.

About the Curriculum

Our curriculum is made up of many different courses. Each course offers a different set of material covered and each is developed with different levels of prior knowledge accounted for. We offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and students may choose which course(s) best fit their own individual needs.

What is couponology?

The word Couponology is defined as the study of coupons. Some may feel that coupons are not complicated enough to be studied, however, using coupons to their full advantage can take some knowledge, practice, and understanding more than simply "using a coupon." A coupon, in itself can save you money and will begin you down the road to making a change in shopping habits and help you save more over time. If you combine the savings of coupons with the best store sales and rewards programs, your savings can TRIPLE! We want to help you get that larger savings for your family.

Our Curriculum by Course

Beginner Courses

Couponology for Beginners Course (3 classes)
Introduction to Coupons
This class is a great beginning class to get you familiar with the types of coupons, where to look for them, and how they work for you. We also discuss the importance of making a change in your shopping patterns to get the most for your money. ...More Information..
Getting Started
This class is a great beginning class to get you familiar with local stores and what they have to offer. You will learn details of over 10 local stores, including rewards programs, online account information, weekly ad details, and more. Plus learn where to find the best coupons and lowest sale prices on products. ...More Information...

Baby Savings Course (1 class)
This class focuses on savings on baby needs, including diapers, wipes, formula, teething needs, and more. You will learn where to find the best store rewards programs and how they work, where to find the best coupons, and more....More information...

Intermediate Courses

Mastering A Store (1 class per store)
  • A Pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid)
  • A Grocery Store (Meijer,Kroger)
  • A "Dollar" Store (Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree)
  • A Big Box Store (Walmart, Kmart, Target)
You choose the store. Whatever store you choose, we will cover every detail about that store, including what to watch for in the ads, store coupons, register tricks, tips for sales, and more. The details are important and you will know everything that experts have learned with experience in that store. ...More Information...



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