Welcome to Our Mentoring Program

We understand the importance of support and guidance when you are facing struggles and need to make a change in your everyday routines. Our mentor program offers help to anyone who needs help with transitioning into a financially healthy lifestyle.

Who are the mentors?

Our individual mentors are members of the community who volunteer their time to share their expertise and experiences. All mentors have a unique background in couponology and/or financial situations that can offer special personal support with the families we work with. We provide our mentors with monthly training to help keep all families up to date with the newest information available.

What does a mentor do?

A mentor is responsible for helping their individual/family:

  • find answers to basic couponology questions
  • find answers to resource questions
  • build a personalized plan of action
  • stay on the path of successful changes

Who can request a mentor?

A mentor is automatically assigned to our clients when they sign up for our assistance programs to help guide the family out of struggle and into better savings. Other community individuals or households can register for a mentor after attending one of our financial education or couponology courses. Access to the mentor is strictly optional and can change or opt out of the mentor program at any time.

Communication between mentor and family/individual...

Our assigned mentor will contact you via phone/email/text ONCE as an introductory contact. He/She will introduce himself/herself, give their contact information, and gather future contact preferences from you. Any future contacts will be between you and your mentor, as needed.

Current Mentors

Need a Mentor?

Just have quick question?

If you have a question about couponology, store information, an upcoming deal, or other, feel free to contact a mentor from our list. Please note that we limit the individual questions to a maximum of 5 questions per household, at which time you must attend a class to sign up for a mentor for more help.

Want to become a Mentor?

Read more about becoming a mentor here...


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