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Thank you for your interest and similar understanding of the importance of support and guidance to Kentucky families who are facing struggles and need to make a change. As a mentor, you will be helping families and individuals who request guidance and support with couponology and financial education.

What is a mentor's role?

As a mentor, you will be partnered with at least 1 family or individual who has requested help with transitioning into coupon or basic savings. Your choice of contact information will be all they need to get in touch with you if they need your help. You will also be listed on our website for quick Q & A's from one-time visitors via email.

What type of help will families/individuals need?

Your partner family/individual may come to you for any or all of the following:

  • clarification of coupon policies
  • questions about deals coming up or reviewing their shopping trip plans
  • reviewing a previous shopping trip for errors
  • to talk about the frustrations of missing deals and struggling getting started

Your responsibilities...

You will be given contact information and a basic description of your assigned individual/family. You are responsible for:

  • introductory contact - contacting them and introducing yourself professionally, giving them your contact information and preferences
  • contacting them periodically to check their progress
  • giving positive reinforcement on their success

Communication between mentor and family/individual...

Once you give your partner family/individual your contact information, your partner will contact you whenever they need your help. Please remember that deals & coupons are time sensitive issues, so be sure to return calls, emails, and other contacts within a reasonable time.

Current Mentors

Kimberly Boyd, M.A.

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