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We are sorry that you are finding yourself searching for resources but we welcome you to our Kentucky resources page. Visiting this site usually means that you and your family may have run into a difficult situation that requires immediate attention. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need for your personal situation.

We know that with financial hardships comes the added stress and frustration to search for and obtain the help you need. We would like to make it easier on you during this time by breaking down the steps to successfully managing the situation and reducing that stress.

Follow these steps to lead you towards the help that your family needs:

Step 1: Focus on the Cause.

When something tragic happens to our family and puts us in financial strain, our body and mind reacts against us and the stress impacts everyone around us. You may feel depressed, uneasy, hopeless, sad, lonely, and not be able to think straight. You must accept the struggle in order to make a change.

Take 15 minutes to yourself in a quiet room, away from technology, and write down the following things:

  • What is the life event that took place to put you in a financial strain? (ex. job loss, cut hours, family tragedy, etc.)
  • Who are the people that are directly affected? (ex. partner/spouse, kids, parents, etc.)
  • What emotions are you feeling about the situation? (ex. sad, lonely, angry, etc.)
  • Who is in your support group? (ex. family, friends,etc.) Who can you talk to?

Step 2: Prioritize Your Health & Wellness

Keep in mind that the current situation is temporary and it is tough but that you are not alone and are strong enough to get through it. Your #1 priority should be to take care of yourself and make sure your health doesn't suffer. Without your strength, you will not be able to change the situation. Build your support team and enjoy the good things about your family and friends. Talk to friends, family, and/or councillors about your struggles and you may be surprised to find that many people have been in a similar situation that have succeeded in making a change for the better.

The following are tips to keeping your strength up:

  • spend time with family doing free things (ex. go to the park, walk around town, play board games, etc.)
  • exercise (ex. yoga, walking, jogging, etc.)
  • set some time for yourself for leisure activities or hobbies (ex. sewing, painting, reading, etc.)
  • seek counselling for you and your family (Check for resources here)

Step 3: Prioritizing the Problems

This will probably be the hardest step for you. The solution is not always the easiest and things may not be able to go as well as you feel. You may find yourself making sacrifices that are hard to give up, but if you continue to focus on correcting the situation, you may find that your current sacrifices will give you a better reward later.

Make a list of the current issues you are facing, including the dates due, shut off notice dates, income amounts and dates, etc. Then, label them according to top priority. Keep in mind that a few days without electric or phone service may not be ideal, but your survival is more dependant on food, shelter, and clothing.

Step 4: Make Connections for Services

We have provided a list of services throughout Kentucky that are available to help those struggling get back on their feet. Our list is extensive but it is certainly not complete. Explore some of the community's doctors offices, religious groups, career centers, and more to find information about places that can help with your top priorities. Start at the top of your list and search ONLY for that help first. You may find that one resource may help another on your list, but never give up. You will find places that cannot help you at this time due to limited funds or qualification. That doesn't mean that the help is not available somewhere.

  • call your utilities for a payment plan or services
  • call around for cheaper car/rental/health/homeowners insurance

Step 5: Making a Plan

At this point in your steps, you have found some community resources to cover your temporary situation, but everything in the community is only temporary. Your goal is to improve the situation so you don't find yourself in this situation again once your resources expire.

Here are some suggestions to keep improving:

  • carpool with co-workers to save gas
  • shop with sales & coupons (More information on our Coupon Resource Page)
  • cut utility costs: turning off lights when not in the room, change the setting on your thermostat, add blankets instead of turning up the heat, etc.
  • organize a clothing or toy exchange with friends with children
  • organize a clothing exchange with similar women/men
  • organize a pot luck block party
  • barter or trade with friends and neighbours. Ex. Trade your babysitting talent for a mechanics skill, mow a neighbour's lawn to borrow their lawn mower





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