Being a small organization, we have a working Board of Directors that take on the leader roles needed to complete our tasks to reach goals. As we expand our programs and services, our goal is to have volunteers on committees to focus on detailed accomplishments and reach a larger portion of the community.

~Kimberly Boyd (Founder, President, Executive Director) ~Matthew Boyd (Founder, Vice President)
~Hope Bertram (Director)~Dawn Adkins (Director)

Kimberly Boyd

Kimberly Boyd, M.A, is the Founder, President Director, and Executive Director of Pass It On Inc. Formally trained and experienced in the field of education, she leads the organization towards educating in a field that lacks in our current education system. Her passion for educating drives her focus towards curriculum development and implementation to a more successful rate of learning.

Mrs. Boyd is the creator behind the curriculum used by Pass It On Inc.and takes personal interest in the training and development of the education received by all clients attending the courses. It is her responsibility to encourage communication between volunteers, Board Members, and clients for all to cooperate at the level of full understanding of goals and accomplishments.

Just as she uses precognitive skills and assessment strategies in all education materials, she carries this philosophy in every aspect of the organization process. Assessments are carried out as self-evaluations, board assessments, and client feedback to ensure the quality and success of the organization and that it is on track for reaching full potential within the community.

As a leader with many positions within the organization, Kimberly balances roles efficiently and effectively with communication and policies set forth for every member of Pass It On. Positions are clearly defined and responsibilities are handled in short term goals and long term achievements. As Executive Director, she is constantly looking for volunteers with leadership abilities interested in becoming a member of the team.

Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd is the Founder and Vice President Director. With previous management and technology experience, Matthew leads many of the human resource and technology advancements within the organization. It is his responsibility to ensure Pass It On is lead by quality individuals with similar goals and objectives with a passion and belief in the Mission.

Mr. Boyd's technology expertise provides the organization with access to a variety of resources online. Some are currently being used for advertisement and fundraising purposes.

Leading many of the technology advances with Pass It On, Matthew is constantly working towards new ways to reach potential clients, volunteers, and donors. The organization will be implementing different forms of technology on a regular basis.

Hope Bertram

Dawn Adkins