Volunteer for Pass It On

Thank you for your interest in joining our family!

We are a unique family of like-minded volunteers that stand strong behind our way of saving money. We believe that anyone has the ability to make a huge difference in their financial situation. Our volunteers teach, support, and guide our clients to a better understanding of their financial situation and make it easier to transition their habits into beneficial saving techniques.

We accept many types of volunteers, including the following:


Directors are the foundation of the corporation. In order for the corporation to be successful in its' efforts to help Kentucky families, the Board of Directors have a duty to represent and respect the core values and mission of Pass It On.

As with any great foundation, there are key elements that keep the structure strong. Our Board of Director team consists of the following team positions: (and the current holders of the position)

Administrative/Management Positions

There are a variety of administrative volunteer positions that require leadership characteristics. These positions help strengthen our corporation, while strengthening the overall community by leading a team of members to perform the duties required to succeed in their given area of expertise. The following positions represent our administrative team:

    Office Administration
  • Secretary - Dawn Adkins
  • Data Entry - (open)
  • Accountant - (open)
  • Human Resources - Matthew Boyd
    Committee Leaders
  • Head of Social Media - (open)
  • Head of Education - Kimberly Boyd
  • Event Coordinator - (open)
  • Head Couponer - (open)
  • Donation Coordinator - (open)
  • Fundraiser Coordinator - (open)

Committee Members

Committee members are the building blocks that make up the entire organization. Each committee member offers valuable ideas and opinions to the planning of the team while voting on and implementing the best activities for the community organization we represent. These positions come in all types and can be filled by one or many individuals. Anyone can become a committee member and help the team leader reach the goals of the corporation and most positions are always open for new members. The following are committee member positions:

*Committee members are always needed.

    Social Media Committee
  • Twitter Admins
  • Facebook Admins
    Education Committee
  • Teachers
  • Mentors
    Event Committee
    Coupon Committee
  • Collectors
  • Clippers
  • Organizers
  • Shoppers
    Donation Committee
  • ShopYourWay client recruits


We also have other unique ways to help volunteer and some positions are available to do from your own home. These positions are still considered part of our family of volunteers and represent our corporation's values. The positions are always open and expanding. The following unique positions are available:

*These members are always needed.

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Community
  • Deals & Coupons

If you are interested in more about a volunteer position, please email your interested position to us here.